How To Make Your Man Crazy About You

How to make your man crazy about you like the first time he sees you? Well, there is no magic just simple trick to make him cancel his appointment.

After years of marriage the flame of love seems to lose its spark. The fire is about to die, and you are too desperate to bring it back like the first time you and your man did it with all passion and heat. As you are watching him dressed up and ready to go, you are sitting there in silence like a flickering light waiting to explode.

He's about to leave to

attend an important meeting and you are there combing your wet hair, but he never seems to care.

You come nearer so he can smell your newly fresh shampooed hair that turns him on long ago, but oh! He is such

in a hurry.

Now what to do?

Simple!  What's his favorite dish, meal or food?

So, before he opens the front door make sure that his favorite food is hot and simmering and filling the whole house with its aroma.
Gotcha...the way to a man's heart, is through his stomach! Right girl?
Therefore, always keeps the stove fire burning with his favorite dishes or meal and that rest assured you will have a burning flame every night. I wish your man will go crazy about your cooking and his favorite food and forget his appointment.



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