Would You Like To Lose Your Date In 10 Minutes?

You find your date boring but you cannot tell him/her directly s/he is boring and useless (sorry for the word useless) keep on reading to find out how to lose your date in 10 minutes or even faster.

You had spent a week or maybe few days planning for a special date only to spoil everything you have in mind. You think of all special ways to impress her but you don’t seem to exist before her eyes. Your sweet smile slowly turns into a little evil grin and you want to tell her “may I go out”. You feel like

dancing without music and ask the first person who passes in front to marry you. So many funny things are now playing in your mind while controlling your temper to shout on her face that she is “boring”. Fine, she’s not boring, maybe you are the one who is boring for her that is why she acted as if she is in twilight zone with E.T.

She hardly speak and only says, “ok, aha, yah, oh” did she swallowed her tongue or you are talking nonsense? You can write a series of stories from your own life, your relatives, your neighbors, your neighbor’s neighbor and even their pets life, while she only keeps nodding her head in response. Was she looks like possessed or you are too dumb to make sense. The food is fine; she enjoys it while you keep checking your wallet each time she waves her hand signaling for additional order. Hey, it might be the food that’s intoxicating her or you drink too much water without touching your plate due to stress thinking about

the bill.

Finally, you want to run or it was she who really wants to go home because she’s too sleepy for over-eating that is why she talks-less. The problem is you don’t know how to tell her that you want to take her home and she doesn’t know either how to tell you same thing because she doesn’t want to hurt your feeling. Here’s the best way to lose each other in 10 minutes or maybe less depending on how you can do it the faster way. Are you ready?

Say this “it’s getting late and I have a date tomorrow that I need to wake up early, so, I think I should take you home”. Voila, she will say “thank you, I am about to say the same thing and by the way, thanks for the wonderful dinner. The foods are really tasty that I might tell my date to bring me here tomorrow again”. (ouch-lols)

Oh there you are, you will never ask her for another date, I am 101% sure about it. While she promised herself not to trust any word from you, never ever again, I can guarantee for that as well. So, you think you can do it faster than 10 minutes, sure you can. Easy right, that is how easy and simple to lose a date in 10 minutes.

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