How To Grant A Friendís Wish?

Some wishes are simple that are easy to grant, but some wishes are complicated that needs a little sacrifice to grant.


When a very dear and close friend wishes to be alone it means there is something wrong. The hardest part of it is when you never know the reason why he/she wants solitude. You will end up guessing what could be the reason and even suspect yourself as the culprit. The worst scenario is when you can’t reach his/her mobile phone. Then you lost all hopes when you find out he/she is not at home and goes somewhere to idle.

Do you think such wish is easy to grant, but there is nothing more you can do since he/she already left you with so much confusions. Will you leave him/her alone and respect his/her decision or will you exert some effort to find every way of communication?


There are times that even the closest among our friends wants some privacy.

It doesn’t mean they are hiding some secrets from us, but maybe they are not yet ready to share and confess. It doesn’t mean they don’t trust us; maybe they need a little more courage to open up their feelings. If a friend wishes to be alone, respect his/her decision because you will never know when it is your time to ask same wishes too. Remember that there are problems that we want people to listen and understand us and there are problems that we want silent to solve it for us. Therefore, the next time your friend asks a little bit of privacy do not jump into conclusions. Sometimes everyone needs silence.


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