How To Give Your Pets A Summer Treat

Are you feeling hot this summertime? You are not alone for sure; your pets also need some summer treat to give them a little comfort from this hot summer day. Do you have any special way of giving summer treat to your pets, mind if you can share it with us?

It is summer and the weather is too hot especially here in metro city. Early in the morning, you can feel the summer breeze and hot blazing sunrise that gives you a good headache if you stay outside for a long time. Do you have pets at home that

need some extra care for this summer? If you have fishes, good for you, they are not giving much trouble for this sunny weather. However, if you have dogs or cat that seems to be a bit of problem. Unless you can turn on your air conditioning system for the whole summer time, the, your problem is solved.

I do not have air-conditioned system at home and I have furry pets that need some extra attention for this summer. My dog always looks exhausted even early in the morning due to this hot weather. He is furry

there seems to be the problem. Therefore, he needs some grooming and bath more often then his usual schedule. A little pool is cool enough to give him comfort. I put a small tub in my terrace and change the water every now and then to give him a cooler bath each time he dive in. He seems to love it and ease some irritation. I also add some ice cubes to his drink and he really loves it.

The only problem is my cat, she does not like to bath at all. She likes to drink cold water and shares it with my dog, they play with the ice cubes and it makes her wet at some part. I guess that is enough to make her cool, she does not look irritated compared to my dog anyway. Before bedtime, I pour powder to my dog to make him cool or else he will not stop whining the whole night. For my cat, she sleeps comfortably besides my dog like a baby since she is smaller although older by age than he is.

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