How To Get Rid Of Trolls

This is in relation with the “hate message” made by a certain Ahcee Flores. The message says “I wish a tsunami would wipe out the people in Visayas to lessen the baduy- (not trendy/ non-fashionable) people in the Philippines.


An earthquake strikes the central part of the Philippines on February 6, 2012 with the magnitude of 6.9 damaging infrastructure and killing number of people. The same day, two hours after the earthquake, the Malacanang announced for “tsunami alert” requiring affected areas to stay away from shorelines and keep alert. Meanwhile, with all the panic and fear someone by the name Ahcee

Flores posted a hate message in social sites “twitter and Facebook” wishing for a tsunami to come and wiped out all the Visayan people. This hate message spread like fire with higher intensity than the magnitude of earthquake that hit the Visayan region. The message made the Visayan people hate the name Ahcee Flores and made the troll the happiest person on earth.

Trolls are people who post “inflammatory, extraneous or off topic-messages” according to Wiki. Trolls are people who

posted messages to provoke readers into an emotional response, someone who is “spineless commentator and desperate for attention”. Spineless because they never disclose their identity and once their account is blocked; they will create another account again. Trolls never care about good reputation; all they want is to stir intrigues to gain publicity as troublemakers in the net. So, if you happen to encounter such kind of person, it might be one of those trolls who desperately seek attention and popularity.

How to get rid of from Trolls?

Never comment to their posts, share the link to your friends, and tell them not to comment anything. Block, flag or report to the site administrator this will prevent the message to spread.
I remember this troll dolls become famous in my country back late 90’s. Troll doll looks cute, but I never think of buying one.

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