How Facebook Connect People

Social sites like Facebook have advantages and disadvantages. One of the most useful usage of social sites particularly the most famous social site named Facebook is, it connect people.


I am not referring with how members of Facebook communicate with other people from the other part of the globe. I am citing one of the best concepts this social site ever had is its capability of connecting people that we missed in our lives. Since Facebook becomes viral, many people registered as members and the site helps them find friend or relatives that they have missed or lost for a long

time. It is undeniable that the site is not all about socializing but turns into a lost and found site free for everyone. You do not need to pay for an agent to locate a missing relative, love ones or friends. All you have to do is type the name of that person that you looking for from the search bar and wallah, if you are lucky enough you can trace that person in

just one click.


On the other hand, not all missing person can be found or traced from social sites like Facebook because some of us are not using their real names. However, most of us use their real names because they wanted to be found, while others prefer to use aliases and hiding their true identity for good reason. But still the possibility of finding the person we are looking by using the net is very much easier compared before social sites becomes viral. Social sites causes trouble and even blamed for broken relationships. It is not the social site’s fault, but how we use the net and how we socialize with other members. Behind the issues and bad reputation of social sites reality is there, Facebook was able to connect us with our love ones, friends and enemies as well.


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