How Does Social Sites Statuses Catches Attention?


So what’s the most annoying status from social sites that you have ever read? Have you ever gotten to someone’s status shout out that catches attention that you cannot resist commenting to it?


If you are a member of any social sites you may have read different status updates or shouts out. Some are annoying, some awkward, some touchy and some are really catchy that you can’t resist posting your comment. Most members do it intentionally to catch attention while others just want to share something. There are inspirational quotes that light up your day when you are feeling gray, however

there are few statuses that shout annoying expression and suddenly turn your bright sunny day into gloomy dark skies. Social sites statuses and shout out are like people in the market that attracts every passerby’s attention.


How does statuses catches attention? Here is some list of common statuses or updates that catches attention easily.

> Posting emotional quotes that illustrate heartbreak or relationships break-up.

> Emotional words addressing to someone special due to misunderstanding.

> Depressing quotes expressing problem and troubles within family circle.

> Heartfelt phrases dedicated to someone he or she secretly love and trying

to disclose some clue for the concern person. Wishing he or she might pick up the thoughts pointing it is him or her.

> Hate message either trying to provoke the others or just posting it to catch attention. Wishing it turns viral and made him/her famous.

> Message directly pointing to someone and mentioning the name in bold letters.

> Announcement- announcement of shocking experiences like accidents or deaths. Up-coming events like wedding, birthday, anniversaries, reunion, or any special gatherings.

> Advertisement- advertising promo, sales, freebies and surprising gifts. Job hunting, product endorsement or movie reviews.

> Inspirational quotes- lovely messages and full of essence.


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