How Does Pain Makes You Stronger?

A former heart that is full of love suddenly turned into a stone when there is no hope at all. Too much pain makes your heart numb and makes you a stronger person more than you think you are.

Pain is a part of every relationship, where there is love there is pain. If there is no more love, then there is no pain anymore. Pain is high on the first strike that you could almost taste its bitterness. You can feel your heart crushed into pieces and you can hear your heart breaks without the crashing sound. When pain is

too much to bear it is either you give up or you will emerge a made up. Extreme pain can even caused your brain to dysfunction temporarily or may drive you insane. Pain in a
relationship is a feeling of hopelessness, devastation and rejection that no one ever wishes to experience.

Some people have low tolerance with pain while others are too good to handle any level. Pain teaches many lessons in every relationship and in pain you will learn the trait of love. Pain does not always mean you are a loser, but pain can also make you a winner. How? Once your heart overcomes little heartaches, there is no greater pain that you can never surpass. You can tell yourself that pain is not bad at all and you will say thank you for helping to immune your heart. Pain is the best experience that brings out the stronger you.

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