As I Kneel Down And Pray?

People keep asking why when they suffer or facing troubles in life. They kneel down and ask GOD why. They are not praying actually, yet they think they are. They are complaining and questioning GOD, that they never knew. When they received blessings and abundantly enjoying the luxury of life, they never complained and ask GOD why they are blessed that much. Did you wonder why people act like this?


Have you ever heard someone who kneel down, pray, and complained why he/she is receiving many blessings? Have you ever heard someone asking the Lord to give his/her other blessings

to other people because he/she has had enough or too much blessings that he/she never wanted to received more? I wonder if anyone prayed for other people’s blessings, or asks the Lord to give more blessings to his/her neighbor.
Have you ever done it, to pray for somebody else’s blessings and welfare?
It is not hard anyway, if you only consider other people as part of your existence. We live for the other people; we do not live for ourselves alone. We should know the reason and meaning of our existence in this life. We must lean to live and accept that, we cannot live alone, but also need those people around us. We must know our obligation to our co-existence and we will be remembered as we are.


God knows what we want and need in this life. HE only waited us to come to Him, pray and ask. Consider a biological father listening to his child asking for

a favor, do you think a loving and compassionate father will decline what his child is asking if he can afford to give it? Do you think a loving father will ever say no to his child when he knows it will break his child’s heart? You know the answer very well, but, if, the father knows it will lead or will harm his child, a sane father will never grant his child’s wish though it will break his child’s heart.


This is the same thing with our Heavenly Father. He will never grant our prayers or wishes when He knows it will harm us. We wonder why we keep praying and asking for a favor for a very long time and is not granted, then, we asked Him why and questioned His power Almighty. We doubted our faith; we stopped praying, then we lose our belief in Him. Because to err is, human and we are weak? Such reasoning is to justify one’s fault and disobedience. Why not think for a reason, why your prayer was not been granted? Did you ever try to consider any bad result for what you wish?
God is a God of mercy. If HE did not grant any of your wish and prayer, remember, it is for your own good and welfare.

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