What Do You Know About Call Center Agent?

Before call centers and BPO’s starts booming in the Philippines, nightlife is all about bars and night pubs. You will see people wandering the streets in wee hours are surely working in a pub bars, nightclubs or casino. Thanks to BPO companies, they added more earnings to taxi drivers and even make the city streets busier. Be careful with hold-uppers and snatchers they are eyeing on sleepy heads graveyard shifts agents on their way home.
How most agents look like specifically with guys.


Rugged looks, with jeans, mostly guys having long hairs tied back or wearing head bands.
Too many gadgets

hanging, headset stuck in ears, psp on the other hand and texting at the same time. (multi-tasking expert huh)
Most agents
wear a jacket, or holding a jacket/sweater, hanging on shoulders.

That ID (identification) with badges for higher position (I can bought one using incentive points)
Dreamy eyes, oh boy you’re not cute with those dark rings (lolz)
Girls also have almost same looks with guys minus the gadgets. Girls know how to conceal those dark rings behind the facemask.

Call center agents are happy people and patient, they only need at least 8 hours of sleep to maintain that patience and happy tone of voice thu they wanted to scream and shout “I quit”.

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