How To Become An Ideal Parent

Do you have any suggestion how to become an ideal parent to your kids? Is there any scale that one must step on to measure how good you are in parenting?


Parenting is considered the noblest profession in life. But there are no universities that offer a formal training on how to become an ideal parent and there are no proper guidelines on how to become a successful a parents. Parenting maybe the noblest profession but not everyone choose it to be their lifetime career. There are centers and books that teach and point some tips on how to become a

successful parent, but the best teacher is always the hands on training. Because every child is special and every child is different from each other. Even in the family, siblings are not all the same when it comes to clothing, foods, likes and dislikes. Therefore, a parent should know how to deal with different personality and attitude.



with kids differences is not an easy task and that makes a parent become a super human. The age gap is also another factor to deal when raising children. Older kids act superior than the younger ones and the younger ones using their powerful weapon by crying to attract their best shield, the doting mother. One of the hardest parts with parenting is how to make their children stays together and grow bonded with love respecting each other. Jealousy is hard to beat between siblings and that’s where the parents’ power must work completely to make their children understand that everything is fair. So, how to become an ideal parent? It takes one to raise a humble kid and become a parent’s pride.


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