How Babies Will Be Born In The Future

Aside from artificial insemination, do you have any idea how babies will be born in the near future? If you have any idea/s in mind you can share it after reading this article, therefore I suggest keep on reading we might be having the same thought.

How far could this internet world take us in the future? This modern technology gives us many benefits particularly when it comes to communication. You might be wondering what is the relevant of internet benefit of how babies will be born in the future. I am sure you are familiar with internet love affair or

online relationship. Let us set aside the cybersex world, it’s not my subject here. I am talking about real feelings of two people in love with each other. Say a couple who lives apart from each other; a husband or a wife working overseas, a boyfriend or a girlfriend working in a distant place. This internet world is a great help for them to communicate each other and fill the missing link as well.

If cloning seems impossible centuries ago, do you think the photo above is possible in the near future? Sometimes we laugh at crazy idea and judge people as though they are insane. There are many things that we thought

are impossible and shrug our shoulders of disagreement. Even this modern technology give us many advantages yet we are also aware of its disadvantages, we still patronize and cannot resist wanting for more and waiting for new discoveries. Are we addicted of doing less and enjoying the convenience these modern technologies are providing us, I am sure we have different perspective regarding this matter as I have my own?

As I look at the photo above honestly, it made me laugh at first glance. However, gives me few things to wonder that drives me to write this article. What if someday it is possible that babies will be born that way, do you think that would be an advantage? I know this sounds crazy and I myself cannot imagine witnessing a baby coming out from a printer. Maybe they will come to produce a better machine (okay, my mind gone crazy all because of this photo-lols). Anyway, consider this is a result of April fools day dear readers and let’s discuss what’s on your mind. (^_^)

check the photo

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