A Hidden Paradise

I want to spend my life in a place where there is peace, no pollution, away from the crowd and no buzzing time pressure. A place where I can touch the sky, talk with the stars and a one wish “can I have my internet connection please”.




This is my mother’s hometown, Mountain Province Philippines. I have seen the place only once and I missed a lot of its beauty. The place takes 8 hours drive away from my father’s hometown Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines and the famous tourist spot for nature lovers. The photo above is

one of the 8 barangays of Sadanga Mountain Province. The place is called, Anabel Sadanga Mountain Province. Like its name, “Anabel” sounds like Annabelle, a female name that depicts beauty and mystic. The place is like a hidden paradise to me that needs exploration to find what is behind from its beauty and mysterious sight.

Looking at the photo you can figure out the scenery, there are houses in the middle of rice terraces. This is not the Rice Terraces listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. However,

this place is undoubtly one of the paradise for nature lovers like me. You can hear the real music from the wind, birds and leaves falling. From the cracking sounds of branches, croaking frogs, crickets and other insects. Far from pollution, no distress sound caused by honking jeeps, racing cars or fire trucks, do not mention police car chasing criminals. During the night, I can imagine the stars gleaming so bright, just a tiptoe and I can pick one (okay, I know that is not possible :p). When morning comes, the sun will greet me from my window saying “hello” it’s time to wake up from dreams.

Whatever, I want to be in this place, maybe not today but someday. I know I can spend the rest of my life in such a place. I only had one wish; I wish that internet connection wouldn’t be a problem in there. 


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