Hey There Delilah

A simple song, with true-life lyrics originally sang by “Plain White T’s” catches the judges attention particularly Cee Lo Green when a participant Erin Martin sings it differently with her unique voice.

Erin Martin auditions for The Voice 2012

Erin Martin auditioned for “The Voice- USA 2012” an American reality talent show. Erin sings “Hey there Delilah” with her very unique voice. At first, you will think she is too nervous that made her voice sounds shivering instead of a normal tremolo. When Blake Shelton turns around followed by Cee Lo, I know they both appreciate Erin’s unique and original voice.

Cristina Aguilera first noticed and reacts when Erin sings the first stanza, but she did not turned her seat for Erin. Adam Levine’s reaction was blank until the last stanza although it’s obvious that he did noticed the originality of Erin’s voice. The audience cheers from the start of Erin song until she finished singing; she has caught everyone’s attention. Give time to listen to her voice and you will know it guys.

The Plain White T’s (sang originally)

I’ve searched the song “Hey there Delilah” and found the song originally sang by the group called “Plain White T’s”. The song is cool, the

lyrics depicts a true-life story of long distance love full of hope and dreams. However, the way Erin sings the song with her unique voice attracts me more. Some youtube viewers says Erin’s voice is another style of duo sister “Cocorosie”. I did some research and listen to Cocorosie and although there is a similarity with the voice, but Erin and Cocorosie has very different style. Erin’s voice has its distinct originality and not another Cocorosie duplicate style. I just love the way Erin sings the song; I can say she has a unique voice, the originality of her style and the shiver that is not considered as tremolo made her awesome.

Erin Martin full version of Hey there Delilah


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