Have You Ever Plan For A Valentines Date

Have you ever wondered why you love the person besides you right now? What made you love that someone, or did you love your partner because he/she made you realize the real essence of love?

Is there any moment in your life that you sit beside your window, looking far without seeing anything but looking back the past with so much clear view of how love comes your way. What made you fall in love with your partner and what keeps the love alive after all these years? Physical looks might be the first thing that attracts you, later you feel

it’s not all about the beauty, but the feelings. Feelings you can’t describe, no exact word to define the intensity that strikes you. Suddenly your peaceful world becomes a riot of indescribable feeling of wonders. That could be the magic of love that hit you inevitably, bulls-eye.

Lucky are those who found the real magic of love. Celebrating their love each year, reaching the golden anniversary and if blessed, few reaches

their diamond anniversary. I wish to celebrate this Valentines Day with someone who could make me feel the magic of love. Someone who can bring glows in my eyes and spark the love that slowly dying inside of me. I don’t mind the old tradition of chocolates and roses, spare the gift, I wish it’s an engagement ring this time. Wait, have you ever planned something special for the one you love this coming Valentines? Have your ever got any reservation for a romantic date or any surprise?

Okay, it’s not yet too late, you still have enough time to prepare something special. Now get up and start planning for a surprise and unforgettable date. Think of something unique, something special but do not overdo. Make it simple but memorable, make it sweet but hot and don’t forget to make it magical.

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