Hard Habits To Break Is Not All About Vices

What habits you have that you want to throw away but seems too hard for you to break? The question is whether you are determined to remove unwanted or bad habits that you possessed.


Usually it is your bad habits that are difficult to avoid or eliminate from your system. There are good habits and that is not our subject, but the bad habits that one must break. It takes time to remove a bad habit; it needs self discipline and strong determination to eliminate bad habits. You cannot change overnight to become a new person that you wanted to be.

To change oneself is not sleeping overnight and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a long process of sacrifice, fasting from everything that you crave and starvation from things that you use to do. It is like confining yourself in isolation, to rehabilitate yourself from whatever you are addicted with.


Bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, gambling, womanizing and other vices are not hard to break. These

habits are only result of bad friend’s influences and environment. What is difficult to change is bad attitude or personality because it already attached from childhood and outgrown by the person. However, nothing is difficult for a person who wants to change for better especially if the person realizes how to value his or herself. He or she will never hesitate to try every possible way to change for a better person and gain respect from the others. One of the major barriers for a person to change is his or her arrogance and pride. If someone learns how to swallow his or her pride, the changes would be easier.

Besides, swallowing your pride won’t harm you and no one dies because he or she swallowed his/her pride.


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