Grandparents Raising Spoiled Brats

What is the main reason why most grandparents made their grandkids spoiled brats? Or these kids naturally grow up spoiled with or without their grandparents.

I am also one of them, no, not a spoiled brat. I am one of those kids raised by grandparents, but I can assure that I am not a brat. I admit I am spoiled with material things, showered with love and too much care. I get annoyed when people say that kids raised by grannies are brats, brute, bully, name it and define all mean characters. Please, spare me and the others who are spoiled

but not brats.

I begin to understand why grandparents are likely to raise their grandkids to become spoiled brats. They want to fill those lapses and things they missed when raising their own kids. They want to make up everything they haven’t done and given to their kids. Everything that they

haven’t done with their kids, they want their grandkids to experience. And they don’t want their grandkids to experience what their kids misses before.

Yes, grandparents wants to correct every mistake they’ve done while raising their kids. They only want to patch up things, that they overlooked about spoiling their grandkids. They don’t want to punish their grandkids because they know they’ve hurt their kids before each time they punish them and they do not want their grandkids to feel the same way. They only want to give more love and show their kids that they are loving parents.

However, too much love and protection they are giving to their grandkids often times leads to raising a spoiled brat.

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