Why, Smoking Is Dangerous To Your Health

Government warning, “Smoking is dangerous to your health” written in those cigarette packs, but smokers never know how to read and ignored the warning.

Aside from drinking beers, that gives men a not so good smell; smoking is number one in the list that causes bad breath. I am talking about vices and not other health condition that might be causing bad breath to other people. I do not understand people who smoke. Not to mention the danger it will cause to their health, but the bad breath that turns me off (I am sure not only me, but most of

you as well). I can read from cigarette packs that there is a warning written “government warning, smoking is dangerous to your health”. I know smokers know how to read, so it means they are ignoring the warning. How about the new learner, those curious youngsters, they also ignored the warning or they can’t say no to bad influences.

Smoking is not only bad for smokers’ health, but also dangerous to everyone. Improper disposal of cigarette butts caused numerous accidents particularly fires. So before lighting that stick you are holding in your fingers, think twice. Clearly, you are burning your money and at the same time,

harming your own health or you might cause fire accident. Some philosopher smokers say, “blame the manufacturer, without them, there will be no smokers anywhere”. Partly right, but righteous also respond with “without smokers who patronized cigarettes, there will be no company selling it”. What or who comes first anyway? Was it the company or the smokers itself? How about the growers, aren’t they the one responsible?

I don’t want to cast my judgment since everyone has their own opinion. As an individual, we have obligation not only for our selves, but also for the others. Be considerate for non-smokers, do not smoke in public, you will not like it if other people will blow smoke into your face for sure. Be responsible, dispose the cigarette butt properly before you regret caressing jail bars after. Nevertheless, love yourself before it is too late. You know very well the danger it will cause to your health, the damage it will give to your loved ones emotionally and financially. Once again, before lighting that cigarette, think twice.

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