God Wants You To Remember Him

Regardless of faith and religion, once in your life you bow down your head and talk to someone you believe who has the power to relieve you from any burden and help you carry the cross upon your shoulder.


Can you remember that moment in your life when you feel no one can help you and you find yourself talking to someone unseen, up there that you believe the only one can solve your problems? No matter how strong you are there comes a time that you feel you are the weakest person on earth. No matter how dependable you are

there comes a time you realize you cannot save even the nearest person in you. No matter how rich you are the time will come you will find out that your wealth is not enough to add life for your dying beloved. That time will come you will see yourself useless than anyone else.


your most troubled times God knows what you feel. God knows what you want and He understands. God only waits for you to ask, like a father waiting for His child to ask a favor. Sometimes you don’t even need to say a word to your father for your wish to be granted. Can you remember the last time you cried because you want something but your father ignored you? It is because he wants you to learn something that the thing you are asking for will lead you into trouble. Same thing with what is happening with you right now. If you are facing a great problem it doesn’t mean God is punishing you, maybe He wants you to remember HIM.


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