Glad To Met You Halfway In This Life

It’s not how long you hold each other’s hand, what matters most is how great the love you have shared together. It’s not how far you’ve travelled all the way, but how you made each other important in a short time spend, is like forever.

Who could ask when love strike, when it would knock your heart or where you could meet that someone who suddenly makes your heart beat so fast? Could it be on the street while crossing a pedestrian lane, could it be at your favorite restaurant while waiting for your order or it could be online

while browsing the internet? Love is a feeling between two being mutually understanding every beating of their heart. It’s not how long they are together to tell that love is true. Even a simple hello can tell if there’s a spark ignited in each other’s eyes. A smile can simply define when blush of love brush a shy heart.


Love stories are not like fairy tales where an ending always end with “they live happily ever after”. Some love story ends before “once upon a time” and some love story ends “halfway along

the line”.


But, no matter what the cause maybe, remember that love lost should not be regretted. Love lost halfway should be gladly celebrated. You do not own the person, if fate allows you to hold on that person for a while but maybe destiny turns the hand of time. Be thankful no matter how short the time has given you the chance to share with that someone. Cherish that moment and be glad that, halfway in this life you met someone who made you feel love and make you understand the importance of love once it is lost. Because, love is not how long you hold each other hand or how far you’ve travelled with that someone, but how great the feeling you’ve shared that it seems like forever.


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