Getting Used To Pain And Heartaches, Was It Good Or Bad

I discovered that pain and heartaches made me understand the one I love. The more someone caused me pain, the more I understand him/her and made me stronger than I thought I am.

Is there happiness behind pain? This is an excerpt from my previous post citing the happiness behind pain caused by our loved ones. Recently I realized that, whenever someone hurt us, the more we endure the pain, the more it widened our understanding and made us a patient person than we are before. I came to know that I mellowed from those pain and heartaches. I have learned

to control my emotions as well and know how to handle such situation. Whenever someone ignored me, the pain intense is not the same like the first, second, third time he/she did. I wonder if I get used to it that made me numb, or left me no choice but to accept it because I love that someone. Have you ever felt the same way, or you throw away the pain including the person who caused you pain. Perhaps you are a fast learner that you never give someone a
second chance.

I only had a little fear regarding this matter. If getting used to pain and heartaches made me numb, does it mean it is easy to let of go of that someone once my heart get tired of understanding, or, the love will turn into a plain respect as human being. I wonder who among us never experienced pain or heartaches in this life; you are lucky man I can say. I wonder who are martyr and never knows the word goodbye who stayed in a situation living like hell, you are damned crucified without a cross girl. Why do we need to hurt the one we love when we knew very well we couldn’t live without him/her. Rejection, neglect, ignoring what other ways that hurt you, yet keep on loving the one you love? I only had one wish left, I wish my heart has enough space with the next pain, or else, it might turned into a diamond, too hard to break the moment you say “I am sorry”.

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