Fragments Of Our Yesterdays



Can you still remember the day when we first met?
The innocent dreams of childhood days,
With flowers and butterflies, we run through fields.
We recited poems and promised to get married.


Do you still remember the heart carved on that coconut tree?
As we run hand in hand along the beach.
Like those seagulls flying, free and gracefully.

/> Those were the fragments of our yesterday.


Can you still remember the grass and flowers where we lay?
Looking up the sky; wishing for a falling star to pass by.
Witnessing our memories and promises,
Why they also have

to fade?


Now that you came back,
Are you still the same I used to know and loved?
 Are you just a part of yesterday; like those grass and flowers that fade?
Once more, joined me to reminisce those fragments of our yesterdays.


Yesterdays come whether we like it or not, bringing us back old memories. Old memories worth remembering, or old memories that might bring us pain and hurt. Yet, somehow give us good lesson to learn about love, and how great love is.

Article Written By juny

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