A Forgotten Kindness

Are you one of those Good Samaritan who always lend a hand without expecting anything in return or are you one of those politicians who advertise their good deeds for praises and applause. Kindness is mercy and mercy springs from a humble heart.

Kindness is not something that we acquire from school. Kindness comes from within, naturally like a basic instinct. Being kind is being merciful. Without mercy in your heart, you cannot afford to be kind to any human or even to the smallest creature in this world. When you have mercy in your heart, you never hesitate to lend

a hand even to a stranger. Sometimes too much kindness can lead someone in trouble but for a kind natured person, he or she does not mind it all. I still believe that there are kind people in this cruel world. If ants know how to defend their colony, I am sure there is also a platoon
of human who remains kind hearted.

Remember that, every kind deed you have given to a stranger or anyone who needs help someone above is watching. You may not receive any reward from those people, or a plaque of appreciation from the society, but, someday you will be surprise how kindness works to repay you. An unrecognized kindness is better than a rewarded one, for a quietly done kindness is pleasing in the eye of the Lord. Who can give repay or give the best reward than the Almighty above. A forgotten kindness done to anyone is a good reason for God to reward you more than any person can give. A humble heart never waits for any material reward either. Because, people’s recognition is full of hypocrisy sometimes, but God’s honor is eternal.


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