Flirting On The Net

Flirting on the net is fun if you know how to play the game. There is no rule to follow no violation of guidelines and no limit of winning or lose. How will you play the game depends upon your ability and power to control your opponent.

Flirting on the net is all about fun, not the kind of fun playing in your dirty mind folks. Flirting is having fun with someone close, someone whom you feel comfortable talking with different subjects. Say for example sports, starts talking about track and field or sprint and to make it more fun, you

can try some flirty adlib like “I can do it better in bed, while dreaming”. What if you are talking with someone who is a movie addict, try something like “you can paint me naked like Rose in Titanic, but, with my back facing you”. How about humor, “I dreamed you kissed me last night, but when I opened my eyes, I saw my monkey stuffed toy beside me”. I told you, it’s not what you think about flirting on the net.


is fun if you know how to handle the situation. You should know the patience of the other person you are talking with. You must learn each individual’s characteristic, before you might overdo and ruin the friendship. Flirting on the net is same like having funny talks with your friends in real world when everyone is in the mood. You only need to scale the capacity of humor the other person have from the other side of the screen, or else you will end up misunderstood. There is no rule for flirting on the net, no violation of guidelines; however, you must set your own borderline to avoid misconception. Flirt but remain respectful because flirting is not all about dirty matters for stinky minds.

Flirt and have fun on the net, find someone who loves humor it is a great way to break the monotony of usual internet usage.


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