Five Simple And Easy Steps To Look Young A Home Facial Treatment

Afraid of wrinkles and getting old but you do not have time for a make over and the worse part is, you do not have extra budget to treat yourself a facial massage or facial treatment. Keep on reading and I am sure this will solve your problem.

Here are five simple and easy steps to help you stay look young without the risk of any side effect caused by commercial beauty products. You do not have to cut any of your daily expenses in order to save some money for an expensive facial treatment. All you have to do is

to give yourself a little time everyday to achieve a younger looks.

Step one; clean your face using a lemon or lime
? Instead of using your usual astringent or any cleansing toner, use lemon or lime. All you have to do is cut the lemon or lime into half and gently scrub into your face in an upward and circular motion.
? By doing the upward and circular motion, you are also doing a facial massage at the same time.
? Keep it for at least 2 minutes then rinse your face with water and pat dry with a clean towel.
? The lemon or lime is best to remove and lessen dark spots caused by sunburn or pimple scar.

Step two; stretch wrinkles using the egg white
? Crack the eggshell and separate the egg white from the egg yolk.
? Whisk or beat the egg white until it becomes foamy then apply to your face.
? Once you have applied it all over your face, leave until it dries up
? You will know if it is already dry once you feel your face tightened and you cannot smile.
? Leave for at least 30 minutes and do your work or read a book for time pass.
? After 30 minutes, rinse your face with water and tap dry with a clean towel.
? The egg white contains “ovalbumin” that nourishes the skin.

Step three; moisturize your face using the egg yolk
? Prick the egg yolk using a fork and apply into your face.
? Apply evenly and leave it for another 30 minutes again.

After 30 minutes, rinse with water and tap dry with a clean towel.
? Egg yolks proved to reduce oils in the skin, also used by many beauty experts as well.

Step four; scrub using tomato and brown sugar
? You need a medium size ripe tomato and 1 teaspoon refined brown sugar.
? Now its time to scrub your face and eliminate unwanted dead cells eg. Black spots cause by pimples or sunburn
? Cut a medium size tomato into half and dip on refine brown sugar.
? Scrub into your face in an upward and circular motion.
? Do this process for at least 2 minutes.
? Then rinse your face with water and tap dry with clean towel.

Step five; refresh your look using ice cubes
? For the final touch, use ice cube to refresh your skin.
? Scrub the ice cube to your face in an upward and circular motion for at least a minute.
? Towel dry and you can feel your face smooth and refreshed.

Do not expect to have the radiant looks at once; you need to do this process at least three times a week. Take a photo of your face before you start the session and see the difference after a month of doing these steps religiously. Same thing with facial treatment done at parlor or spa, you need to undergo several session. The only difference is, by doing it yourself, you can save money and you do not have to worry any side effect since you are using all natural ingredients. Try it and you will see how it works. You can use lemon daily for cleaning your face and refined brown sugar for scrub.

Do not throw away the excess egg white, egg yolk and tomato. Cut the remaining tomato into small pieces, beat the egg white and egg yolk together, add some salt to taste. Cook all the ingredients and you’ll have scrambled egg with tomato.

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