Finding Paradise In Our Lives

Don’t dream of paradise in this life is you don’t know how to play with it. Paradise if not what you think of a perfect place to live but it is inside your heart if you only know how to find the path leading to it.


There are places on earth that amazes us, enthusiast our sight and we exclaimed so this is paradise. Places that awesomely indescribable and fills our heart with contentment we hardly define or understand. We consider those places as paradise and wish to live or even visit it for a while. Those sights give us temporary

excitement and once damaged by storm faded like nothing existed before. Life is also temporary when stormed with tragedies sometimes it leaves nothing but handful mourns of misery. But if you look inside your heart you will find the secret road leading to a new hope of finding paradise in our lives and that is love.


When there is love, there is hope and when there is

hope there is faith. Believe in your heart and never let any storm wither every dream that you longed for. The earthly beauty faded with times; don’t let your eyes be cheated on them. Search every room in your heart where you stored wonderful memories and you will find that paradise is not hard to achieve even with the ugliest place you have ever seen. Happy memories won’t fade and no calamity can ever take it from your head. Bringing back old memories in your times of distress is enough to travel you back to paradise inside your heart where stormy weather cannot erase a single laughter of the past. True paradise is in the heart of everyone who saves happy memories and extracts bad times with a smile.


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