Father And Daughter Having Sex- The Steve Wilkos Show

From the title, alone you are certain that this is sick, disgusting and horrible. Whatsoever name to call this kind of relationship but this is true and does happen in real life. Keep reading and you will find out how did this happen.


Britney was looking for her father and happens to find him from a social site called MySpace. What supposed to be a father, and daughter reunion turns into a shocking relationship. This is a real story and not a script from a movie, how I wish this is a fiction because I almost choked while watching this reality

show from “Steve Wilkos Show”. Britney is 18 years and is having a relationship with her own biological father. We can still consider her as minor since she met her father when she was only 16. Therefore, it is very clear that her father took advantage of the situation. Here is a daughter looking for her father and ended up having sex with him. What kind of father can do this kind of abnormal activity (I want to use another term, but I know you have more appropriate name to call

this evil father).

Even the host of the show, Steve says, “I don’t know if I have the stomach to even continue with this show” and I agree that this father needs some kind of therapy. This father looks his daughter as his girlfriend and his soul mate but he doesn’t want to have any kid from her. Because as he says, that is the line he will never cross and that he knows the probability of having a retarded child if it happens. How dare he knows any borderlines yet he never realized what kind of shame he crossed while sleeping and making out with his own daughter. I do not want to go further commenting about this situation, I’ll leave some to your judgment readers. Watch the video and I hope to see your face to know your reaction after watching the show.

Watch the whole story 


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