Farewell - A Poem

Friendship never ends, it become stronger even after death. Because friendship never ends in grave or can be buried in any depth. Friendship will remain forever in every heart of those who knows how to value the worth of this relationship.



The sun begun to hide it’s rays, to bid goodbye behind the mountain to rest.
Darkness around begin to spread, and show’s the sign another day is ending.
Heaven above no star is gleaming.

Raindrops start falling on my skin.
Cold wind blew, leaves are dancing. Like my body shaking and shivering.


Lighting is my candle in the midst of darkness.
Earth will be my bed and clothe me warmth, maybe for always.
Clouds may shed and protect thy tender body.
Thunder now drowned my cries. Wind

may travel my message and whisper to my friend.


Farewell my friend sweet memories will remain and never the pain.
Promise no tears will fall nor deep sighs or sorrow.
Smile at me believe I am still alive like when I’m with you.
As I close my eyes word goodbye I can’t say no more
My arms hug you my friend not at all.
Only my remain can express “farewell to you my friend”



6-13-2012 12:52m Wednesday 



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