Faces Of Evil And Reality

Faces of reality.

Judgement from heaven will come at the right time...let there be no sorrow and pain for those who suffered too much.
And eternel suffering for those who abused the innocent.!


A person who does not steal can not out rightly be tagged as honest and not a thief.
An honest person (and not a thief) is someone who does not steal even when there is a chance to do so.
A person who stands in the principles of justice even under pressure is a just person.

Many countries of the world are plagued with corruption and injustice.
Corruption can

not emanate from ordinary citizens.
They come from corrupt officials and leaders.

The devil is not only concerned about the leaders of the world, but also to judges.

Their victims are the innocent, the ignorant, and the poor.
Money talks and buy justice,worst is,they who are law makers are best known as law breakers.
They have the power to keep the poor silent and to pay

for every teardrops.
They have all the ability and capacity to zipped their victims mouth and tied their tongue.

This is the reality in this life and in this world that we lived in.
The rich become richer and the poor remains poor till death.
Those politician that promised a good life,but sip their victims till the last drop of their blood.
While those blind followers clapping their hands shouting their names with rejoice.
They never knew,they might be the next victim.



"Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Article Written By juny

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