Facebook Users Nightmare

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Today August 29, 2012 4pm Philippine time, Facebook blocked numerous users. I was chatting with a friend when suddenly my account was logged off. I tried to log in but I can’t access my account. On the second try the message above appears and by following the given instruction

I can say I am lucky to retrieve my account.


My friend send me a text message asking what happened to my Facebook account, she said it was deactivated. I told her what happened and she was worried there might be hackers.

After a minute she sends me a message again telling her account was also blocked. I posted a status on my Facebook account as a warning to my friends and one friend ask me how it happens. I narrate what and how it happened and he was logged off. After few minutes he comes back telling his account was also blocked.


Within 30 minutes more friends posted that their account was blocked, their relatives and friends account are also blocked.


What happened to Facebook?




5:42pm Wednesday

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