Facebook Timeline Redesign Test

Can you still remember the original face of Facebook?

Can you still remember the original face of Facebook?

Facebook the most popular social site on the net is again trying a new design. Yahoo news confirmed the Facebook experimentation that started on Wednesday. If you have not logged on to your Facebook account, go and check it for yourself. You may not notice a big change by this time since the site is on its experimental stage, but you may encounter reminders on your settings. The site will prompt you to check your settings for the future’s permanent changes like album settings, information details, filter messages and timeline sharing.

I wonder

if any of you can still remember the original face of Facebook.

Are you one of those who hate the Timeline feature of Facebook? Millions of Facebook users in the Philippines hate the Timeline when it first appeared hate messages circling the social site asking for the old scheme. I admit I am one of them, until now I still do not appreciate the timeline profile page although there are new features added that indeed more convenient than the old schemes. The notification is

now easier to check unlike before that it’s only limited to a certain number, therefore in order to see more you need to click another to check the unseen notifications on your profile page.

What I like the most from the new features of Facebook is, we can choose to hide photos from the album, unlike before that you must create an album for private viewing. I also like the edit feature added to messages. I only had one wish for Facebook admin and staff since they have come up with this new design (again). I hope they will consider the approve feature for “photo sharing” – for those who keep their wall open for their friends.
For the future Facebook design….Goodluck Facebook users (^_*)


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