Caloric Restriction Theory – Part 2

So, how do we start a low caloric diet lifestyle?

The doctors recommend: for the beginning start by reducing high processed foods, this way avoiding “empty calories”. Taking a healthy diet, with natural foods, can have amazing and fast results, partially by quitting processed sugar, white flour and excess salt. You will see results such as: the need for more sleeping hours, getting the sensitivity in your gustative papilla, diminution of your nerves.

The caloric restriction percentage (%RC) is determined with the help of a formula, taking into consideration your calorie intake. Caloric restriction seems to have positive effects on the sensitivity

to insulin, low risk of arthritis and it improves cerebral activity. A doctor`s agreement and some test are absolutely necessary when starting this lifestyle.

Caloric restriction theory is successfully practiced, for many years, on Okinawa Island in Japan, where the longevity of its habitants, is very recognized and studied. On this island, people have a food philosophy called “hara hachi bu”, which means 8 parts out of 10. More exactly, they eat until they get full only 80%. In caloric terms, this means 1.800 calories daily, in comparison to 2.500, the average a European or American eats. Elders from Sardinia, another famous place for the peoples longevity, are very similar to Okinawa`s. They have a very active life; eat healthy food and very strong social bonds. Their family and numerous friends are always close, for sharing their happiness and sadness, saving them from emotional burthen.

Is this how we can explain why 100 years old people are less depressed than their 60 years old children? “No way”,

Leonard Poon, director at the University of Georgia Gerontology Center, whom has been studying since 1988 extreme longevity cases (people over 100 years, which he names “surviving experts”) and compares them with those of 80 years old people or with those of 60 years old people. He discovered this way, that there are 16 character trade marks and 4 surviving mechanisms, which we find in “surviving experts”. First of all, he says “100 years old people are dominators. They want to do everything their own way and they cannot be stepped aside or taken away from their vision. The majority of them are suspicious. They do not receive information in superficial way, they think the problem. They are usually practical, not idealists and they look at life in a relaxed way. In other words, they have a very strong character, but they are not flexible. ” Also, the majority of them are not very rich and have their own garden where they cultivate their own vegetables.

More and more evidences that show without a doubt, that your lifestyle and spirit energy are essential for prolonging your life spam. It is very tempting to ignore the role of genetics, but it would be a very huge mistake. Longevity has, no words added, a genetic component, other way we cannot explain how the descendants of 100 years people, have the lowest rate of heart attacks and vascular accidents, at the age of 70-80.

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