Exercise And Breaking The Fast

It’s nice to have a warm coffee, a jam and bread after a morning jog. But there are more essential foods we must have for breaking the fast.


Jogging is one of the best exercises early in the morning. Sweating off unwanted calories and toxins helps to revitalize our body. Jogging is a good way to start our morning and give us energy the whole day. If you are afraid to jog alone in the neighborhood, then jog inside your home. Make few rounds in your garage or have a rope to skip and jump. Skipping rope is almost same like

jogging. You do not need to go outside to skip and jump; you can do it right inside your living room or in your bedroom. After an early morning exercise a healthy breakfast is a must to follow.

The best food to

break the fast after 7 or 8 hours of sleep and exercise is fresh fruits. Fresh fruits have natural enzymes that our body can easily digest and absorb. Eating fresh fruits early in the morning is good to help our system to flush out remaining toxins inside our body. Best fruits to eat early in the morning are the fibrous fruits like pineapple, apple and oranges. You can either eat the fruit as it is or turn it into juice. Eating fresh fruits one hour before eating breakfast and other meals is helpful to digest our next food intake. Always take your health as your best priority for your love ones.




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