Every Woman Is Beautiful

You think you are fat, chubby, over weight and ugly. Stop it, you are beautiful in different ways that only the man who truly loves you can see how beautiful you are.

Some women starts feeling insecure once they gained few pounds. Women feel uneasy when people throw a disgusting look on them. Women easily gain weight after giving birth, usually on their second or third child. There are cases of women who put on weight after their first childbirth, but only a few. Mostly women gain weight as they gets older followed by the slow metabolism due to unhealthy diet

and lack of exercise. However, there are cases of women who really are chubby and voluptuous even before giving birth. Some cases are due to genetics, hereditary or skeletal frame.

Men have different preferences anyway, so girls why worry about your figure? Some men prefer a woman with flesh, while others love the skinny type. Some men want a small of this and a bit of that, while other men like a woman who looks manlier. Therefore, why

worry too much about your looks ladies? If your man loves you, he will not concentrate on your physical looks alone. No matter what other people say, for him, you are the sexiest woman alive. Forget that flab, go out and let the world know how beautiful you are in the eyes of the man who adores you faithfully.

Physical looks will fade as time goes by, but love will stay forever. Maybe today you are crowned as Miss Universe but that worldly beauty and figure won’t last forever. Maybe today you are not popular; you are not one of those pretty faces in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, in the heart of your man, you will always be the most beautiful woman his eyes have ever seen. Every woman is beautiful in different ways, it only takes a right man to see those hidden beauty possess within, through love without condition. Indeed, every woman is sculptured uniquely and exclusively for her man.

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