Every Relationship Has Ups And Downs

It is how relationships tested in time, from the ups and downs. Because, sometimes love is not enough to bind two people together and forever in this life.


Every relationship experienced the ups and downs of it. No matter how perfect the couple looks to everyone there is always something to discover behind. Imperfection makes the relationship becomes perfect if both parties works hard to balance the ups and down side of it. But, if one gives up the heavy load then probably that may sink the other end of the boat.


Some relationship sails smoother than the other and some lost

half way along the journey. Taking a break when too much load is hard to bear is a better choice. A little time to pause may hurt both parties for the meantime, but better than losing each other. Everyone dreams for a lifetime
partner and no one wishes for a nightmare. Who can tell when the love he/she found is forever and who can tell who is pretending.


Trials in a relationship are either to build it stronger or break it forever. Therefore, give the best to last during the up season so when a relationship starts to fall down, each one has enough memories to remember. Keep in mind that, bitter moments can destroy every chances but passionate times can take away pains. When you have enough happiness stored inside your heart, you have something to hold whenever trials comes in between.



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