Even In Paradise The Sun Sets

When you hear the word paradise what do you have in mind? A picture of mystic beauty and breathtaking views that can take you to a million dream of wonders.

Life is not all about enjoyment; there is an instance that in the middle of laughter tears suddenly pours its bitterest. In your most peaceful moment there is a sudden strike of quiver and unexplained nervousness. Sometimes events that you thought only happened in the movies or in somebody else’s nightmare are just imaginations until it happens with you in real life. Later you realize that your life once full

of vitality and wondrous moment today is all suffering with madness. Life sometimes is playfully mischievous that you assume pleasure is unlimited and before you knew it, you found yourself plunged to many questions. Wake up before the sun sets to the West and darkness will eventually wrapped your entire life.


Life is not always as colorful

like children’s book of fairy tales and animal lands of fantasies. Life in real is not what you dream of paradise with perfect beauty and peaceful feeling of contentment. Life is exciting, full of fun with obstacles and hurdles that you must overcome. By then you will understand where true happiness lies and how to find real paradise in the midst of misery. You must learn how to play with life without cheating or else you always end defeated. Stop the dream that life is always like a paradise because even in paradise the sun sets and there is darkness that hides all the temporary beauty in your sight. Keep in mind that even in paradise everyday is not always sunshine and daylight.


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