A Dying Wish

There is no stupid wish when it comes from a dying person. How much more when that wishes came from a young and tender dying daughter.

She is nine years old and been suffering for leukemia since she was five years old. Her doctor says she only has few months to live and this brave little girl didn’t cry instead, she make a wish. The pretty young girl’s wish is to see herself on a wedding dress. Not just wearing a wedding dress, but to see herself married to her prince. She doesn’t have any relationship with a boy and she

doesn’t have anyone in mind that she wants to get married with. But all she wishes for before she dies is to walk down the aisle holding her father’s arm, wearing her dream wedding dress and get married.

Do you think such wish is a stupid one and would you consider her parents a fool if they grant her wishes? Will you grant

this wish if you are the parents of this little girl? Do you think a priest will ever conduct a wedding for this dying little girl? The parents are not ready to let her go, but they are ready to grant their little daughter’s wish. Yes, every girl’s dream is a big wedding, but not every girl can wait till the right time comes for that big day. This little girl has no time to wait for the right time, but she can wish for the last time.

It breaks my heart after watching this video from Youtube and being a mother there is no stupid wish when it concerns my dying daughter.



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