Because Life Is How You Made It

When hair turns gray and eyes feel sore with too much light as life gets shorter day by day, it is like waiting for the sun to set behind the mountain to rest.


Life is not how long you live as they says, but how you want to be remembered once you left. Some people lived a short life, but left something worth remembering. Some people lived a little longer than the others but no one care to remember his/her name. Life is not about status or comfort, life is not about degree or career, neither how successful or how much

achievement you have gained, but how you made your tracks easy to follow with. Perhaps trophy and medals made your name popular in your field but in the eyes of other people you are just a piece of decoration. Maybe awards and recognition give you something to be proud of, but behind your backs many are cursing you.


Life is not all about riches, power and fame. Life is not a game of whose name appears on

top in Forbes magazine. Sometimes you need to do something that will make you proud of yourself. Not because you won a race, not because you broke your own record last year, but because you realize you do not live by yourself in this life. Yes, sometimes it is too sad to think that the greediest are the ones who have too much extra to spend for unnecessary things. While the most generous people by heart have nothing much extra to share. Don’t think that life is unfair, it just happen that there are people who are not fair to share their blessings.

Let us remember that we came into this life naked and in our grave we cannot bring anything, maybe then everyone won’t hesitate to share a little to less fortunate than we are.


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