Do You Think Sleeping Will Help You Solve Your Problem?

Funny but some people keep saying that that sleeping will help them solve their problem. I know it’s not the normal sleeping that they are saying, but sleeping forever.


So you think suicide is the best way to escape all your troubles and worries? I am not here to judge you for I don’t have any right to. I am not your friend, family or relative so why should I care. But why I am writing this one either if I don’t care who you are? Am I a fool talking to a stranger whom I know will never listen to

me or am I only wasting my time to share my thoughts for nothing? I may not be unknown to you, not a famous writer either and a no goody adviser with stupid ideas. But, I want you to understand that you do not own your life and you have no right to decide your death.


Close your eyes and go back to those happy times in your life. Never say you don’t have any happy moments, go back to your childhood where you care less about life. Fine, so you don’t have a happy childhood but only abused

days of innocence. I suggest that you think of the saddest part of your life, the most tragic would be the best. Now, what did you see during those times and what do you feel right now going back to that part of your life? Do you feel regret, anger and hate that you wanted to cry? Then cry as long as loud as you can, scream if you want and throw anything that you can lift to release the pain inside. Now what do you feel?


You have succeeded that part of your life before so why do you think you cannot overcome another one? Remember that success is the outcome of trials, hardships, failures and attempts. You have gone through it all and come out as winner once. Therefore, once again show the world that you can fight against all the odds and emerge the champion in your life.

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