Discover The Ultimate Use Of Condom

Condom is commonly use as protection during intimate moments, but I have learned the ultimate protection it can provide during calamities.


Condom is for every man’s gadget. Mind you guys recently it is discovered that condom is not only proven to protect men’s gadget but also useful for women, old and young as long as they have gadgets that needs protection from getting wet. Before your mind went on wild imagination due to gadgets and wet combination I strongly suggest that you must read furthermore. For many days my country suffers flood caused by monsoon rain. Many places are flooded that

forced families to leave their houses submerged on water that reaches their roofs. Some places are on zero visibility, no electric power, no internet connection and the only means left for communication is through mobile phones.


How does condom become useful in the midst of havoc?


Since mobile phone is the easiest way of communication rescuers need to secure their gadget from getting wet. Mobile phone water proof covers

are not one hundred percent reliable because most of it still has holes left for charging. Zip lock, plastic and cellophane are also used to secure the rescuers gadgets. But those covers are not comfortable to use since it doesn’t completely fit with the gadgets. Whoever comes to discover the smart idea of using condom as cover to secure mobile phones, two way radios and small camera doesn’t matter at all. Everyone is thankful when people started to spread the rumors the ultimate usage of condom during calamities. Therefore, never think badly if you saw your friend buying condom during rainy days you never knew he or she only wants to secure his/her gadgets from getting wet.



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