Disadvantages Of Internet Relationship

Finding true love is not impossible even from cyber space, it is a feeling that no one can hinder. Internet relationship becomes a second world for lovers who believe that South meets East, and North hugs West.

Aside from the distance that separates two physical lovers, internet relationship faces more disadvantages compared to real world relationship. Of course, internet relationship is not an alien relationship, it still exist in real world called cyber space. That even makes other people wonder how two people can fall in love merely through chatting without physical touch. Granting they can see each with the help

of web camera, but seeing in person is different from meeting someone who only appears on monitor or screen. That counts number two disadvantage of having internet relationship.

Feelings between the two lovers are beyond question because love moves in mysterious ways.Misunderstanding due to suspicion, jealousy do happens like any other relationship. However, unlike other lovers who sees each other in person, whatever misunderstanding is likely to resolve easily, while internet relationship needs lot of patience to settle even a simple matter, because they cannot touch each other. Yes, a

hug is more than enough to say “I am sorry” and a kiss is too much to erase any doubts. Imagine how hard it is for internet lovers to express their feelings and emotions due to a distance.

Internet relationship is one of a kind relationship that only true love understands the complication it gives. For those who raise their eyebrows with this kind of relationship and questioning the authenticity of finding true love through internet, you will never come to understand until you witness one. Internet relationship indeed is complicated, but it is worth the sacrifices once you get to hold the person in your hands and feel his/her warmth. Remember that, not everyone on internet is fake people and not every internet relationship is just for time pass. Because you can never tell when love strikes and to whom you may fall in love. Who knows, one of these days, it is your turn to confess how truelove strikes you through cyber space.


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