Are We Lovers And Not Best Of Friends?

Their love story is not actually a love story. They’re not lovers, but best of friends. However, do best friends cannot be lovers? Aren’t best friends can be the best lovers as well. If yes, why can’t they, if no, that make their story a different one.


Once upon a time, there is a story of two young people who become best of friends. Whoever sees them thought they could make a great couple if not the best. However, their friends who know them personally know the real score between these two. The story of Romeo and Juliet ends with a

tragic conclusion, of love, death and consummation. Every fairy tales ends with “and they lived happily ever after”. Even the movie “Ever After” of modern Cinderella has a happy ending. Will this modern fairy tale would end with a successful conclusion, or a thousand question.

Once upon a time, she hopes for a love to be acknowledged. But, her best friend is in love with another girl. She keeps her broken heart weep in silence and faces her best friend with love and smile. Her best friend, unaware of her feelings treated her same way even with his girlfriend around. What great love can endure pain seeing someone she longed to be hers, kissing someone instead of her? Is there any greater sacrifice watching someone she cared for, caring another girl right in her eyes? With shattered dreams, she bravely embraces each day with compassion and never complains.

Once upon a time, she was a loving best friend to him, that he never felt any changes or strange feelings from her.

Was he is stupid? Is he insensitive to feel her pain, or was he blind not to see the heartache in her eyes? Maybe you think she is foolish loving someone who has no special feelings towards her aside from their friendship. But, who are we to judge her, who can tell her heart to stop loving him when she herself can’t. Until when she hopes for a fairy tale to come true, when Sleeping Beauty’s prince hasn’t found her chamber. How long will she keep her undying love, when there is no stairs to rescue Rapunzel from her prison tower?

Once upon a time, she never expect this different kind of love towards her best friend to grow and rooted to her soul. Her only wish is to be with him, see him each day and feel his friendly care to satisfy her aching heart. I wonder how cupid missed his arrow, or did this little naughty topless kid plays with her heart? If every fairy tales must end with a happy ending, then once upon a time her story is already written and should end happily ever after. The only question left is, when her best friend would realize that she loves him more than anyone could ever do. When will be this modern fairy tale will starts with “they lived happily ever after once upon a time”.

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