Different Results Of Social Sites Statuses

Social sites updates and statuses create some trouble when someone who read assumes it is posted particularly for him or her and that’s one of the most annoying truths.

This one of the most ridiculous result of social sites updates and statuses when someone who read assumes it is pointing to him or her. Let’s talk particularly with Facebook. Most Facebook members keep their statuses updated. Some members post on their status update something bad and the funny moment is when someone commented assuming it is about him or her. There starts the trouble and misunderstanding that sometimes lead into

break-up or separation of two loving people. By posting apologies publicly melt a heart and helps rebuild friendship while others who kept their pride post hate messages that worsen the situation instead of mending.


Too much updates revealing personal information

may result into tragedy. There are many incidents that thieves broke someone’s house after reading an update from a particular person that they are leaving for a vacation. There are also incidents of crimes when someone posted that he or she is alone in the house then bad people who read about it took the opportunity to robbed, rape, assault and even kill the person. These are few results of social sites updates and posted statuses. Nevertheless, think twice what you should write or post the next time you update your status in Facebook or any other social sites wherein you are a member.


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