Different Meanings Of Silence

Silence means peace, serenity due to the absence of sound or stillness. With complete silence we may understand how deaf people feel. Did you ever wish to be in complete silence once in your life?

Silence have different meanings depends on how you sees it, or how complete it is. When a man ask a woman for a date, a woman’s silence often times mistaken as “yes”. Here in our country, a woman’s silence in the presence of her suitor means she is nervous with indescribable feeling of excitement, which is according to the man’s perception. On the contrary to what

he believes, the woman is in complete silence not wanting to be rude because deep within she is totally irritated with his presence. A woman’s silence has different meaning and level as well. Sometimes it is better for a woman to keep talking because once she stopped ranting that means her mind is playing something, either

sweet or evil.

When someone stops arguing it doesn’t mean he or she accepted defeat. When your friend stops bugging you sometimes it doesn’t mean he or she is busy, maybe they are not interested with your friendship anymore. When your enemy stops gossiping about you do not rejoice but be aware. It is either they realized their mistake or they are planning to destroy you. Once your boss stops criticizing your work, keep an eye for a bad news or wish for a good result. Your loved one’s stillness maybe means he or she is tired of explaining things because you never tried to understand him/her. Silence sometimes is more dangerous than a crowded battle zone.


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