Diary Of A Troubled Mind

She met someone who gives her the reason to believe that love comes when you least expect. She found someone who gives her back her confidence and made her realize the meaning of life.

She found this someone from a social site, not a usual dating site where people seek for their love match. It all started from simple hello, which begins to root and grows into deeper emotion, no one ever expect to happen. She never plan of it neither he, it was all unexpected like rains in the summer. She tried to hide the feelings and later decided to

try her luck. He, indirectly acknowledge it but never denied the response. Their relationship somehow is ironic or maybe considered as another kind of mystic love. One who freely express her thoughts boldly and one who shows care in his own secret way, a love without a name.

Lately the sweetness decrease, maybe some internet bug cut few strings that binds them. The closeness seems to drift away, maybe due to some internet glitches that disconnect their connection. The communication time becomes shorter like having power failure or maybe signal problem. She turns desperate while he remains calm. She feels rejected when

he tries to spare time. She feels alone when he never left. She starts complaining for things she never asks. He tries to compensate but she never understand. Perhaps there is error run time that bugging between them, making things complicated when everything is fine. Probably, the page is loading too slow that affect each other, leading them to misunderstanding.

She feels hopeless for the love she found from internet pages. She never wants to delete anything saved from the hard disk because her heart still holds every memory of happy moments. She still believes on her faith that the love she found someday will come to her and erase every doubt that trying to corrupt her foolish mind. She sometimes acts dumb because she cannot imagine losing him puts her into a pedestal. He, who made her realize she can achieve more than she wish. She maybe feels hopeless for the meantime because her heart is full of insecurities. Tomorrow she might understand he only wants her to change a little bit of her clumsy actions and tactless conversation.


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