Diaries Of A Broken Hearts 4 –united By Love Divided By Unfaithfulness

How many are coming home hoping for a happy welcome only to end up with sighs. There are stories between walls of smiles and laughter with dark secrets.


She leaves full of dreams with tears flowing. Her only courage is his promise of love sealed with a kiss. She waved goodbye with a heavy heart carrying his picture like a shield of compromise. She endures long sleepless nights missing him. Her loneliness is filled with hopes that soon she will be exchanging I do’s with him. She denied looking the calendar as if each day is like a punishment of a

lifetime. She only knows it is already weekend once she hears his voice on the phone. By then she forget all pain and tiredness after a busy work during weekdays. Their conversation is full of love, care and dreams hoping soon they will embrace. She is counting the days of her home coming but he is waiting for his final judgment.

Yes, while she is wishing to pull each day to make it shorter, he is praying the day to make it longer. He loves her but he cannot find the courage to tell her about the truth. He

loves her but he is too weak to fight temptation. He is not the same guy the day she left him 2 years ago. He has fallen into an aby he doesn’t know how to defend himself. He is now married to someone who bears his child, someone who fills each night when he needs warmth and gives him temporary satisfaction during his lonely nights. Too late for him to realize that he cannot play with life when fate cast the punishment. He knows she will be devastated, but he knows he doesn’t deserve her as well. He is waiting for her to ask forgives and she is coming home ready to give her hand.

Two hearts united with love divided by fate or unfaithfulness? So many stories of broken hearts around the corner, so if you are lucky to find true love, keep it with care and hold so close to your heart.




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