Diaries Of A Broken Hearts 3 - Hopelessly Devoted

A stubborn heart is like a dangerous river that flows between lake and the ocean. Someone who knows when to start loving someone who is not free, but never knows when to tell a heart it is time to stop.



She knows from the start that he is married but she never give a care. She tells herself she knows her limitations and bravely confesses her feelings. All she wants is to love him in her own way without asking acknowledgment. Although he was shocked he just smiled at her thinking he could be just one of her infatuation, crushes or

time pass. He never thought she could be that serious so he let her live with her illusions. He knows she is just playing with fate and daring destiny with her tricks.

She is happy and contented seeing him in the eyes without even touching him. She keeps him in her heart like a precious gem that she own but cannot possess. He just smiled of that thought and admired her for having a pure and unconditional love. But

fate is not satisfied playing with her fragile heart. His petition visa arrived signaling him to leave and join his true love waiting for him overseas. She is aware of this day to come but facing the final day is different when it’s real.

She never thought her idea would backfire that soon. She felt all her strength away when he said goodbye. She wanted to cry but her tears seem all dry. Her soul escaped when he kissed her for the first and last time. The moment his shadow fades she almost heard her heart broke into pieces. She literally held her chest thinking her heart would leap and follow him. It’s been years but seems yesterday. She revisited the same spot where she almost forgets her sanity. She still remember his name but not the feeling anymore.


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