Diaries Of Broken Hearts 2 – Unspoken Love

A love that doesn’t know where to start is like an examination paper passed without a name that no one will ever come to know who the owner is.


They started as friends but unlike other friendship that possibly turns as lovers, theirs choose to be different. He loves her but she never knows about the feeling. If she loves him the same, he never knows as well because he never wishes to know and never dare to ask. He loves her silently with too much that she never had a clue because he never wanted to hurt her in any

ways. He may be free to love her but he is not free to own her. She is single but he is very much married with kids. Now he needs to suffer for a love he never expects to happen.


He knows that the love he feels is not a simple admiration and everyday gives him

fear that he might not be able to hold his feelings. Her innocence is filling his heart with desires and injecting his mind lusty illusions. Although he loves her like a lover at the same time he respects her like a sister and that divided him into two. With a broken heart he left without any warning. He knows he might hurt her for leaving their friendship. Nevertheless that is the best way he knows to avoid hurting neither his family nor she.


Not everyone is a great man who conquered a forbidden dream. They are no saints who value the sanctity of marriage vows and they are no heroes who fight temptations of temporary mirage.


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