Diaries Of Broken Hearts 1 – A Colorful World Of Cyber Space

They have never met each other in person, but their love is stronger than their feelings. Two hearts who never lies but circumstances wants to deny the truth.


They only met through internet like many other stories that started from cyber space world. But their story is unique from the very start because they never promise each other heaven and stars. They never compromise anything rather enjoyed each other’s company each time they got the chance to met online. She is definitely in love with him and he never denies the same. Their love goes on for a year until sudden

unexpected changes strikes along the way. It was like a spike that bursted a tire into explosion. Love becomes too cold that none of them can hold. A colorful world of cyber space suddenly becomes cloudy and dark.


She still keeps the hope in her heart and faith towards him never

departs. He keeps a space between for whatever reason she never knows. His laughter turns blue and his words too sharp to convict. She was hurt so deeply that she wishes to end their relationship. But the more she tried to build her wounded pride, the more her heart screams for a fight. She knows he never took a vow, however by heart she can feel the knot that binds their soul. She stands believing that his silence will soon break a pledge that will wash away any cobwebs in her head. This is her diary, filled with dreams, tears and hopeful prayers. Someday somehow she will come again and tell what her story ends.


6-17-2012 1:28am Sunday

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