Death Of Love One!

Death is the most painful way of losing someone. Painful even to think of, but we need to accept.

Today my sister in law passed away. She left behind a husband, four grown up children and numbers of grandkids. She maybe still young to die, but who are we ask the One above who knows more than we do. I have witnessed her struggle and battling with her illness. For 2 years, she underwent dialysis treatment twice a week.

She never gave up life, after each treatment, you can never see any trace of health problem in her. She attended her office

work, do her daily routine as a mother, wife and grandmother to her family. She never complained she sees life beautiful in many ways. But who knows, she is crying inside her thinking that
she will soon leave her family.

Life is so unpredictable. She was there yesterday singing and laughing with us.

Now she is gone. I felt choked when this news came to my ear. My knees trembled and I felt cold enveloped around me. Tears voluntarily fall from my eyes and I can’t move. I am writing this to express my emotion. I will miss her.

I am guilty.

I forget to tell her I love her the last time we talked. One thing is for sure, she can rest now. Death comes when we least expect and death comes to a person we never wish to lose.

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